A random update (January 2013)

Well, it’s been a while.

Some housekeeping: I’ve just moved back to Canberra! Two years well spent in Melbourne, big years of learning, practice, teaching, meeting great people. Lots of love, Melbourne is full of amazing people going all-out doing amazing things. So glad to have left.

So I was officially studying anatomy and physiology (including a gruesome but amazing year of weekly cadaver studies), chemistry, psychology, nutrition, musculoskeletal and systemic pathology, exercise rehabilitation and soft tissue therapies, all within the context of “Myotherapy” – a treatment modality which doesn’t seem to exist outside of Victoria. Basically it’s continuing education for massage therapists which let’s you do more or less everything a physiotherapist or osteopath does (except cracking backs) without forcing you to go back to first year and pay exorbitant university fees. Lots of jargon: “Myofascial” everything, “Dry Needling”, etc.

What I was unofficially studying was what has now become my staple combination: neuroscience, evolution/ecology, complexity/systems theory, anthropology, movement. Putting everything I know and learn through those filters: medicine, religion and transformative practices generally (Yoga, Daoism, Buddhism, Tantra, shamanism, martial arts, qigong, capoeira, wrestling, strength training, gymnastics, barefoot running, parkour, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Butoh, Continuum Movement, Bodymind Centering….)

What are humans? Why do we do what we do? What are the relationships between our minds, brains, bodies, our genes, families, cultures, environment, and our ecology?

Neuroplasticity, “psychoneuroimmunology”, systems physiology, human ecology, cultural and physical anthropology and evolutionary biology all provide some answers to those questions. Different cultures have different practices with different stories, a lot of people seem to get hung up on the stories and love to dismiss things as being “superstitious” or “woo”, I prefer to watch, listen, try them for myself, learn their language as well as I can, translate what I experience into my own language, and try to talk about it with my friends.

I finally put up some videos about this “ancestral movement” stuff, so people can see some of what I’m talking about here, and hopefully try stuff out and experiment. After all, the whole point is that these kinds of movements are innate! Certainly not my creation.

So that’s about where we’re at. Next month I’m starting some training in rehabilitative Pilates, to hone the old “directing awareness through movement, strength and relaxation into specific parts of the body” skills, and to learn another system. I love systems! Also, Pilates is so hot right now.

I’ll be teaching Yoga classes and outdoor Natural Movement classes, doing bodywork sessions, training hard, meditating, and walking in the bush as often as possible. Should be a great year.