Ancestral Alchemy


Very pleased to announce the next “Ancestral Alchemy” workshop! In Sydney, September 12/13, with my good friends and associates Craig Mallett ( and Dave Wardman (Physical Alchemy). As you may be aware, Craig and I have been teaching and running retreats together for the last two years or so, while Dave have been in close contact since weI spent two full-time years studying remedial massage together back in 2009-10. All three of us have been in breakthrough territory for a while now, so this workshop is going to be excellent!

I will be presenting the concept of “body mapping”: the basic neuroscience (or maybe more precisely the “psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology”) of embodied practice, how to use “self-directed neuroplasticity” to progressively awaken and develop the entire body, inside and out; to rehabilitate injuries, alleviate chronic pain and consciously fill the body-maps with feelings of wellbeing and joy; massively increase one’s ability to learn any new physical skills; and rediscover total freedom of movement in three-dimensional space –


“Ancestral movement”: exploring developmental and evolutionary movement patterns we have inherited from our ancient human, primate, mammal, reptile, amphibian, fishy and wormy ancestors, and discussing how such practices develop a profound, visceral understanding of ourselves and our evolutionary history, massively increase our sense of kinship with other living creatures, and generally make us feel more at home on the earth.

I think Craig will be sharing similar concepts of natural movement and traditional Daoist self-cultivation practices, and Dave will present some of his own “Physical Alchemy”, which I think has something to do with attaining superhuman strength, flexibility, and refined awareness.

Cost is $360, or $180 for a single day. It will be mind-expanding.

Here is a link to the facebook event page, or you can contact me directly at