Ancestral Movement and Body Mapping Workshop, Byron Bay, October 24/25 2015


I’m going to be in the Byron Bay area for the next couple of weeks doing nature mentoring and bird language camps with an American guy called Jon Young, and the following weekend (Saturday and Sunday October 24/25) I’ll be running a two-day workshop covering “body mapping”: the neuroscience and psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology of embodiment, pain, movement and self-awareness; and “ancestral movement”: the links between embodied awareness, movement practice, inter-personal and inter-species empathy and nonverbal communication, ancestry, animal mimicry, and the ecological self.

Both days will have a strong theoretical component, introducing concepts which permanently change our perception of the world, our bodies and our selves, and a broad range of practices for developing complete awareness of the entire body – inside and out; freedom of movement in three-dimensional space; reduction and management of pain; and a powerful embodied sense of our four billion year evolutionary heritage and our place on the earth.

Day 1 will have more of a focus on the recent or classical mind-body and rehabilitative traditions like Yoga, Buddhism, Daoism, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Alexander Technique, classical and contemporary dance, pain science, physiotherapy and psychology; while day 2 will link these ideas to evolutionary developmental biology, comparative anatomy, ethology, and more ancient practices of animal mimicry and shamanism in hunter gatherer cultures, with explorations of movement patterns that we share with our ancient human, primate, mammal, reptile, amphibian, fishy and wormy ancestors.

The workshop will take place between Starseed Gardens and some still to-be-determined outdoor locations and is open to anyone interested in movement, meditation, rehabilitation, evolution and ecology. Anyone interested can contact me at or 0431 166 737, or go directly to the facebook event here:

The cost is $360 for the weekend or $180 per day. Concession spaces available to anyone who needs them for whatever reasons, by prior arrangement.