Often referred to as “the Teacher of the Teachers”, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya is the source of much of the Yoga being taught in the world today. Most of the world’s most famous teachers were at some point students of either BKS Iyengar of K. Patthabi Jois, both of whom originally studied Yoga with Krishnamacharya when they were young men, or of Indra Devi or his son TKV Desikachar.

Svastha Yoga is the system of Yoga taught by Krishnamacharya to his student AG Mohan, who studied with him for 18 years right up until his death in 1989, at age 100. It is a genuine, authentic, complete system of Yoga, firmly grounded in the ancient texts while conforming perfectly to the most recent discoveries of neuroscience and medicine. The goal is nothing less than total consciousness: the path leading to this goal involves systematically investigating the links between the lifestyle, the physical posture and movement, the intricacies of the breath, the inner state of the body, the sensory systems, the emotions, thoughts, and the deepest workings of the mind. Every step on the path, every movement and every breath, leads to greater ease and strength of the body, and clarity and peace of mind.

Students of this system learn not only what to practice, but also how to practice and why. Everything is done for a specific purpose. Because it is a system, there are clear principles of practice which, when clearly understood, allow us to perfectly tailor the practice to the individual.

Some of the core principles include:

Systematic development of attention and awareness, through careful observation of breathing and movement.

Use of the mind, emotion, and imagination.

Linking the breath with the whole spine.

Engaging and releasing all of the deep muscles of the torso with every breath.

Alignment – how to use movements and breathing to discover and address physical weakness and imbalances.

Balancing and Sequencing – how to sequence movements together in order to safely warm up and relieve residual tensions.

Progression – what to practice first, how to safely and systematically progress to more difficult movements, deeper internal awareness and mental focus ie “meditation”.

PLEASE NOTE: Specific classes in traditional Yoga are not running currently, but we work continually on the core principles and practices in our regular Natural Movement classes in Canberra. Enquiries can be directed to 0431 166 737 or

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