UPDATES – 12 August 2015

I have updated the “about” page; the “reading list” and “resources” pages; and added some photos and videos to the “retreats“, “workshops“, “yoga” and “internal martial arts/qigong” pages.

Our winter retreat was amazing, as always. We were joined this time by Gina Chick of Bluegum Bushcraft, who shared workshops on how to make fires with hand drill and bow drills, an introduction to bird language, and some of her favourite bodywork techniques.

The next few months will be very busy, mentoring again on the Bluegum Bushcraft kids’ rewilding camps in September, attending the bird language retreats in northern NSW with Jon Young in October, the “Village Continuum” gathering and skill share in Victoria in November, and then our spring-summer (“sprummer”) retreat in late November-early December.

Plans are also in the works for another “Ancestral Alchemy” combined workshop with Dave Wardman, Craig Mallett and myself, in Sydney, some time in September/October, AND an inaugural “Natural Movement and Martial Arts” camping retreat somewhere in Victoria in early November. Stay tuned!

Much more to come. In the meantime, here’s an article on plant intelligence.