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Spiral anatomy and movement, continued.

In the previous post I wrote about the spiral anatomy of the heart and major blood vessels, and how a heightened awareness of our insides might lead to sensations of “spiralling energy” moving in the centre of the body. In … Continue reading

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Spiral Anatomy

Our bodies are full of spirals. A friend posted on the Ancestral Movement Facebook Group recently about “cosmomimicry” and her own increasingly strong life-changing experiences with a kind of Sufi whirling practice. She asked about movements embodying the “torus” structure, with a link … Continue reading

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2015 review

2015 was a big year. Action packed, full of travel, teaching, training, learning, meeting and connecting with amazing people. “Movement” is all of a sudden becoming a thing, around the world and especially on the internet. People are starting to think … Continue reading

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