Ancestral Movement: Awakening the Body Centre, Mullumbimby NSW february 1-2

Ancestral Movement: Awakening the Body Centre, Mullumbimby NSW february 1-2

A two-day immersion into the central axis of the human body, exploring the evolutionary anatomy and movements of the body centre which connect us to the entire history of life on the planet, some of their possible links with human health and disease, and their fundamental place in the spiritual and meditative traditions of cultures around the world.

Things we will cover:

– Neuroscience of changing body awareness, stress, pain, emotion, and memory.

– Evolutionary anatomy and movements of the spine and central axis: opening up full sensitivity, articulation and muscular power and releasing tension from each individual spinal vertebra, every part of the ribcage, the deepest layers of the abdomen, diaphragm and pelvis.

– Spinal breathing, whole-body breathing: mechanics and physiology of breath, blissful breath, methods to direct the breath into each and every part of the central axis to wake up the deepest hidden parts of the body and release long-held tensions from the inside out, breath as the bridge between body and mind, linking the cycles of the breath to the cycles of nature.

– Use of the mind and imagination in physical practice, the development and quality of attention, deliberate cultivation of emotions, links to traditional practices including mantra-nyasa, songlines, the memory palace and magic, and the twin/opposing processes of disenchantment and re-enchantment of the body.

– Perfecting the meditation posture for internal practice, balancing activation and relaxation, power and peace.

– Anatomy, physiology and neuroscience of meditation, yogic breathing, bandhas, kriyas, nadis-chakras, meridians, “qi”, and how to progressively experience subtler realities of the body.

– Hun Yuan Qigong: a modern take on an ancient practice, utilising movement, breath, attention and emotion for the simultaneous cultivation of physical health and worship of the living world within the landscape of the body.

Simon Thakur has more than 20 years experience as a movement teacher, therapist, meditator and researcher of mind-body traditions from around the world. He has lived for 10 years in Asia studying yoga, bodywork, meditation, Chinese medicine and martial arts in their native contexts and languages, he has extensive experience in western physical training modalities including Pilates, Feldenkrais method and exercise rehabilitation, and he has a bachelor’s degree in medical science and rehabilitation and postgraduate qualifications in ecology and evolutionary biology. His teaching methods are science-based, while still retaining a profound appreciation and celebration of traditional practices.

This workshop is particularly relevant for practitioners and teachers of yoga and meditation, other somatic or mind-body disciplines of all sorts, and anyone interested in physical health and transformation, or exploring physical practices for the specific purpose of deepening their connection to the living world.

COST: $480 full, $320 concession. The concession is available to anyone who needs it without explanation, further concessions and payment plans are available by request for anyone who is strongly motivated to learn this work but is unable to afford the standard concession rate.

People who have attended one or more Ancestral Movement workshops or retreats in the last year who wish to go deeper into these aspects of the work are especially welcome and are invited to pay the concession rate, or to contact Simon directly if they require further concessions.

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