Ancestral Movement – Melbourne, June 9/10

Ancestral Movement – Melbourne, June 9/10

A two day workshop exploring principles of natural movement and their applications for rehabilitation, injury prevention, athletic strength and skill development, dance, nonverbal communication, expression, self awareness, breathing and meditation.

The material will be presented within a context of basic evolutionary biology and ecology, comparative anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, pain science, anthropology and the biopsychosocial model of rehabilitation, and traditional practices from cultures around the world.

This is very much an active, practice-based workshop, discussions of relevant theory will never last more than 30 minutes.


The first day will focus on awakening the entire body and discovering inherent principles of alignment and whole-body organisation, using a range of solo exercises, partner practice, and games. The practices are all designed to increase three dimensional strength and elasticity, ease and freedom of movement, body control and relaxation, and to re-awaken the innate ability to sense and communicate with the entire body.


On the second day we will go deep into the central axis of the body, unlocking and engaging every segment of the spine, abdomen and ribcage, from the outside through to the deepest hidden internal structures, again revealing deep and ancient motor patterns inherent in the central axis of the body that we share with all other living vertebrates and which are still the foundation of spinal health and of all human movement.

We will also learn to consciously direct the mechanical effects of inhalation and exhalation specifically into every segment of the spine and every part of the torso, massaging them from the inside, opening them up to our awareness and freeing up tension from all of the muscles and joints of the body walls, and then how to use the breath as a direct access point to the autonomic nervous system, and how to then use the movement of the breath along with the attention, emotion and imagination to improve health and transform our sense of the very centre of our being.


Anyone with a deep interest in the body and human movement, including therapists, yoga practitioners and meditators, athletes, trainers, dancers, singers, martial artists, theatre and circus performers, psychologists, rewilding enthusiasts and environmental educators.

People of all levels of physical ability are welcome, everyone including teachers and advanced practitioners should expect to be challenged and to discover whole new realms of movement potential.

All of these practices are extremely effective forms of rehabilitation and will be invaluable for participants who wish to become their own therapists, and to develop and maintain powerful and graceful movement for the rest of their lives.


$250 for one day or $400 for the whole weekend. Half price for people who attended last year’s workshops or who have participated in one of our retreats.


It is important to me that this work is accessible to people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, so at all of my events a number of concession places will be available for people who need them, by negotiation. Payment plans are recommended for professionals or people who will be using the concepts and material in their own practices.

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