A two-day immersive introduction to Ancestral Movement, exploring ancient patterns of movement and anatomy innate in the human body, which form the basis of all human movement and reveal our deep embodied connections to the rest of our living family on the Earth.

Some of the movement practices we will cover:
Liquid Body and the Inner Worm – how to send waves of contraction and relaxation through the deepest areas of the abdomen, ribcage, throat and pelvic floor.
Serpent Spine – developing precise voluntary control of every spinal segment from the tail to the depths of the skull, and coordinating these into powerful undulations in three-dimensional space.
Central Axis Breathing – directing the movements of breath into every part of the central axis to gradually release a lifetime’s worth of deep held tension and explore the subtleties of body-mind connection.
Quadrupedal Movement – linking spinal undulations with the four limbs to explore the movement patterns of amphibians, reptiles, and other mammals.
Monkey Body – primate movement patterns.
Nature Connection through movement practice.
Shapeshifting and the Storyteller’s Body.

The workshop will also cover some of the science of mind-body practice:

the basic neuroscience of embodiment which links movement, posture, gesture, breathing and body awareness with attention, emotion, memory and imagination, nonverbal communication and empathy, interactions between the mind brain and other body systems, implications for health, interspecies and ecological empathy, and the potential for radical transformation of the sense of self and experience of the living world.

All concepts and practices will be linked to traditional methods of mind-body transformation from cultures around the world, including the higher levels of meditative practice associated with the “subtle body” of the Yogic, Daoist, Buddhist, and Tantric traditions.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested. It will be very physical, but the practices are safe and can be scaled according to individual needs and abilities.

$450 full price (special locals deal: INCLUDES ONE MONTH FREE TRAINING with Ancestral Movement Mullumbimby)
$350 for those who have attended any one day workshop before
$250 for regulars attending classes with our local practice group, and anyone who has previously attended a full weekend workshop or Ancestral Movement retreat.

$100 for anyone who has attended two ancestral movement retreats, one retreat and one two-day workshop, etc. The discounted prices are to encourage regular attendees so that we can go deeper in the focused workshop space with more experienced participants attending.

Payment plans etc are always available for those who need them, upon request.

For more information or to book a spot please contact me at

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