Autumn Retreat 2019

Autumn Retreat 2019

Autumn Retreat is happening in Araluen, May 18-25th.

Seven days camping, learning, training and relaxing in the beautiful forest by the Deua river and national park in southern NSW.

Two or three full facilitated movement sessions each day, plus constant impromptu small sessions happening whenever there is a spare moment, evolutionary movements to rediscover the inner animal powers, balance climbing parkour and games on the massive bush jungle gym, internal yogic practices for opening up and strengthening all of the deepest parts of the body, spinal waves, spinal breathing, whole-body breathing, pranayama and qigong, wrestling, capoeira, martial arts of all sorts, contact improvisation, juggling and acrobatics, strength mobility and agility work, injury-proofing and rehabilitation, massage, meditation and deep relaxation, exercises for the senses, and the imagination.

Infused throughout the movement sessions will be discussions of ecology and evolutionary biology, comparative anatomy and physiology, the science of pain, injury and rehabilitation, the practical neuroscience of meditation, memory, emotion, nonverbal communication and embodiment.

Bushcraft, wilderness skills and nature-art workshops every afternoon, and ongoing once people start their projects. These sessions could include fire-by-friction, basketry, wood carving, ceramics, learning edible and medicinal plants, tracking, stalking, archery or spear-throwing, hide tanning or leather working, nature awareness skills, making paints, eco-printing, all depending on the weather, what resources are available in the landscape, and people’s inclinations at the time.

Of course there is also beautiful bush to explore, the retreat library full of amazing books, hammocks, hot fire baths, a clear river to swim in, and plenty of time to really deeply chill. We have no clocks and no phone reception on retreat.

Our exciting guest teacher this time is Lalita Ramona Yagnik, coming up from Melbourne to share the Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu! Ramona has trained extensively in India for many years, and is one of the first and only teachers of this art in Australia, plus she’s also an Ayurveda practitioner and naturopath. I’m excited.

We will also have another visit with Patricia Ellis, a Yuin elder from Moruya, sharing knowledge and culture of the Yuin people who have lived on the country for countless thousands of years. Other guest teachers include Janet Ranken and Harry Townsend, both sharing amazing skills and knowledge in the bushcraft and skills sessions and holding things down in the craft space every day. Further special guests still TBC.

Cost is $1200 (this does not include food). $900 for regulars or concessions, and several half-price ($600) spaces available for volunteers. Further concessions are always available by negotiation for people who need them, and also payment plans for people who need to pay in instalments over time.

$400 deposits are required to save a spot. Numbers are strictly limited, the last few have all booked out quickly so don’t leave it to the last minute if you really want to come.

For further enquiries or to book a spot please email

and the ancestral movement facebook group if you’re not already there:

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