Evolution, Antifragility, Longevity – Canberra January 2020

Evolution, Antifragility, Longevity – Canberra January 2020

Two day workshop covering principles of movement practice for rehabilitation, antifragility and longevity, using an evolutionary perspective.

How have our bodies evolved to move? What kinds of movements were demanded by nature, before urbanisation, industrialisation, or agriculture, or even before we were human? How can an evolutionary approach to movement help us relieve some of the chronic tensions and health problems associated with modern life, rediscover resilience and trust in our bodies and re-awaken our innate capacities for life-long free, creative, powerful, expressive and joyful movement?

Things we will cover:

– Basic Theory: adaptation to natural environments and the “evolutionary mismatch” hypothesis; modern neuroscience of body awareness, motor control, pain and rehabilitation; concepts of embodiment, health practices and physical culture from various traditions around the world.
– Soft Body: opening up the articulations and three-dimensional muscular movements of every part of the hips, pelvic floor, abdomen, diaphragm, ribcage and shoulder girdle, removing stiffness from every part of the torso.
– Spinal Power: developing full awareness and three-dimensional muscular control of each individual spinal vertebra.
– Body Connection: finding and integrating weak or blank areas, organising the entire body in support of all movements.
– Joint Health, Alignment and Misalignment: safely conditioning every part of the body through full range, from every angle.
– Elasticity, Balance, Stability
– Suppleness, Strength and Sensitivity
– Breathing: directing awareness and releasing tensions from the deepest areas of the body centre.


The workshop is open to people of all levels of physical ability, we will be working hard but the emphasis will always be on safety, sensitivity, skill, and working together to determine the appropriate level of challenge for each person in each exercise.

Therapists, trainers, athletes, performers, dancers, yoga practitioners, movement enthusiasts and all people interested in learning about their bodies or improving their physical condition will learn new skills and concepts which will enrich their practice and fundamentally change their understanding of strong and healthy movement in a human being.

COST: $500/$400/$300 (Full/Concession1/Concession2) for the full weekend. Concessions are available for any who need them. Further concessions and payment plans are available by request.

For more information contact simon.thakur@gmail.com


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