A two-day workshop exploring movement practice and rehabilitation with an appreciation for the evolutionary history of our species. This evolutionary approach can help us relieve many of the chronic tensions and health problems associated with modern life, rediscover the intelligent, soft and powerful “animal body”, build resilience and regain trust in our bodies’ innate abilities.


Things we will cover:
– Basic neuroscience of body awareness and movement, pain and rehabilitation.
– Evolutionary anatomy and movement: the kinds of strength, mobility, and physical intelligence demanded by natural, pre-urban environments.
– Soft body practice: fluid, three-dimensional muscular articulations of every part of the hips, pelvic floor, abdomen, diaphragm, ribcage and shoulder girdle.
– Snake spine: simple, effective practices to gain full three-dimensional awareness, relaxation, muscular power and control around each individual spinal vertebra, from the tailbone to the skull.
– Whole-body connection: discovering weak or forgotten areas, integrating and organising the entire body to support the movement of any part.
– Alignment, misalignment, elasticity and joint health: safely conditioning every part of the body through full range, from every angle, making all of the joints three-dimensionally intelligent and resilient.
– Balance and stability
– Breathing: stress regulation, inducing the relaxation response, releasing tension from the deepest parts of the body.

Simon Thakur has more than 20 years experience as a movement teacher, therapist and researcher of mind-body traditions from around the world. He has extensive experience in western physical training modalities including Pilates, Feldenkrais method and exercise rehabilitation, a bachelor’s degree in medical science and rehabilitation, postgraduate qualifications in ecology and evolutionary biology, and lived for 10 years in Asia studying yoga, bodywork, meditation, Chinese medicine and martial arts in their native contexts and languages. His teaching methods are science-based, while retaining a profound appreciation and celebration of traditional practices.

The workshop is open to people of all levels of physical ability with no prior experience required. The work will be challenging, but emphasis will always be on safety, sensitivity, skill, and working together to determine the appropriate degree of effort for each person in each exercise.


COST: $480 full, $360 concession/Praksis members.

CONCESSIONS: standard concessions are for any who need them, with no explanation required. People who have attended two or more Ancestral Movement workshops or any full retreats in the last 12 months are invited to pay half price ($240).

Further discounts and payment plans are *always* available upon request for anyone who is strongly motivated to come and learn but cannot manage the standard rates.

For more information contact simon.thakur@gmail.com

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