Connecting ideas from as many disciplines and cultures as possible, to generate a growing understanding human life within the greater context of the evolving ecological universe.

“Ancestral Movement”, to suggest that with the loss of “ancestor worship” from our modern societies we have taken human life out of context, lost our link with the past and our place within the evolving ecology of our planet, and are thus endangering our very survival as a species as we blindly burn and destroy our family and our home. “Movement” because our disconnection from nature is rooted in what we could call diseases of movement: our culturally learned disconnection from our own bodies, from the felt experience of ourselves as living, oozing, organic beings, descendants of reptiles, fish, creatures of the jungles and the ancient oceans. 4 BILLION YEARS! we have been here, let’s try not to forget it.

Common themes will include the transformational practices and philosophies of various cultures, meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, Daoism and indigenous Shamanism, archaeology, anthropology, neuroscience, comparative anatomy and physiology, evolutionary biology, human ecology, medicine, magic, ritual, art, dance, movement, and relationship with animals.

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  1. hi,
    I am working my way through the website and finding the ideas fascinating. I would love to have a mind body review with you and may book myself in when I am in Melbourne next!

  2. Oh hi! “anne.hayes” it’s nice to know there are some other people out there that find such things interesting. Thanks for dropping by, it’s all new to me so be prepared for lots more material and all sorts of rearrangements as I get my head around this wordpress program…

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