June Mullumbimby Masterclass: Serpent Spine

June Mullumbimby Masterclass: Serpent Spine

A four-hour masterclass in spinal movement, uncovering and exploring the hidden nature of the spine: a thick, muscular, elastic, ancient undulatory power structure at the core of our bodies and our beings. The spine of an aquatic serpent.

Can you clearly feel and precisely move each and every spinal vertebra independently? In this workshop we will practice simple effective exercises to gain full, detailed awareness of the entire spine, and precise voluntary movement of each individual vertebral segment in three dimensions. These movements are then linked to become the powerful, muscular fundamental body waves which ripple through the spine, ribcage, abdomen and pelvic floor and form the core of all human and animal movements, finally manifesting as the free, sinuous, multi-dimensional waves of the serpent.

The serpent spine practices are taught in a way that is safe and progressive, exceptionally effective for relief and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic pain, for learning to alter our posture and become more expressive with our entire bodies, for opening up the ribcage and the lungs, massaging the diaphragm and internal organs, for whole-body strength, coordination, and for improving all forms of athletic movement. They are also indescribably valuable for meditation practitioners working towards an ever-more detailed awareness of the intricate psycho-physical interactions taking place along the body’s central axis – AKA the “subtle body” of the Yogic and other similar traditions.

Cost: $200
Concession: $100 (also for past attendees, participants of previous Ancestral Movement retreats, and people regularly attending local classes in Mullumbimby)

Discounted spaces are always available by request for anyone currently experiencing financial hardship.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/awakening-the-central-axis-serpent-spine-tickets-321538368917

For more information about Ancestral Movement go to https://ancestralmovement.com/about/

Event cover photo is “The King of the Forest” by Sebastian Di Domenico

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