This page contains links to other valuable resources related to Ancestral Movement. Some are more about the science or the philosophy, others link to the websites of movement practices or practitioners that I like.



There’s a bit of a community growing in Australia now, which I am very pleased to be a part of. Most of these are “movement” people, but also increasingly people are getting into “rewilding” and starting to make the connection between the two worlds.

Aware Relaxed Connected – Craig Mallett – Canberra

Physical Alchemy – Dave Wardman – Sydney

Stretch Therapy & Monkey Gym – Kit Laughlin – Jervis Bay

Natural Movement Canberra – Facebook group started by Craig Mallett and myself

Stage 6 Natural Fitness  – Brisbane

Bluegum Bushcraft – Jervis Bay, NSW

Nature Philosophy – Halfway Creek, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Wildcraft Australia – Dungog, NSW

Claire Dunn (Bushcraft, nature connection) – Melbourne


FRIENDS (or recommended teachers) OVERSEAS

Evolve Move Play – Rafe Kelley – Seattle

Athletic Playground – Oakland CA

Ido – Berlin, mostly?

Earth Strength – Neil Hill & Rannoch Donald – Spain

Exuberant Animal – Frank Forencich – USA

Living Wild – Lynx Vilden – Washington State?

Rewild Portland – Portland, Oregon



Center for Nonverbal Studies

Evolution of the Muscular System

School of Bodymind Centering

Yoga Sutra Study (comparison of seven respected translations) Yoga Sutra translation and commentaries

Access To Insight – Theravada Buddhist Teachings



Learn Genetics – University of Utah

UNSW Embryology

Smithsonian Institute – Human Origins



Various videos containing what I consider to be essential information for understanding humans, evolution, the mind and brain, and basically providing the scientific conceptual framework for Ancestral Movement.

“Becoming Human” Pt 1

Many more links to come.

6 Replies to “RESOURCES”

  1. Hola!

    Thanks for your great information. One question, do you give any kind
    of trainings outside US, if not would recommend somebody. Thank you so much.

    In joy, Shaida

  2. Hi Simon, I just heard you on the Rewilding podcast…..great interview!
    Do you know anyone in the Perth area that does this type of movement/bushskills?
    Thank You

  3. This is fantastic, thank you Simon. I’m writing a brief, surface level article on how the reptilian brain, as its called, gets a bad rap in our modern culture (i.e. how it “constantly betrays us, something we need to overcome, overpower, the cause of much of our undue stress due to mismatch between modern insults and mortal threats of evolutionary environment, inhibits learning and empathy” etc). Since listening to you on the Rewilding podcast, I figure i’d reach out and see if you might direct me to any further resources or overviews on more comprehensive evaluations of this more primitive brain, ways it is misunderstood and the benefits of understanding/engaging/accessing it. Or, of course, offering any concise thoughts of your own on the subject. Cheers

  4. Hi Simon, I have come across you and your website in my reading/prep for a dissertation I am writing – it’s on the topic of yoga for children with autism (for an MEd). I am blown away by what I’ve read so far on your website as it makes so much sense and is speaking to me from an even deeper level than all the great stuff I have been reading so far from different spheres (traditional yoga, neuroscience etc). There is a call from some forward thinking scientists and the autistic community to shift to thinking about and helping people with autism from a movement/embodied perspective, I wonder if you have heard about this? There was a 2015 series of papers on the topic in ‘Frontiers of Neuroscience’ journal. Anyway, I am all the way over in the UK and mainly just wanted to say hi! Will be delving deeper into the resources on your site as soon as I can 🙂 Sincerest of thanks, Gemma

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