Natural Movement

We are currently running classes regularly in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW.

Mondays, 5-6:30pm at Heritage Park, Mill St, by the river under the big fig trees.

The “natural movement” concept is very, very general. So general that it has actually become controversial, with many people who seem to believe that it can’t actually be defined. My own take on it is really just that natural movement is everything humans have evolved to be able to do. Sitting at a desk typing and moving a mouse around is natural movement, it’s just not really something we need to practice more of. Some other forms of natural movement that perhaps we might like to practice could be: balancing, climbing, lifting, throwing, carrying, or wrestling; crawling or brachiating; swimming; spinal undulations or making circles and spirals with the tailbone or each individual vertebral segment; rolling, cartwheeling, jumping, spinning; or dancing; different ways of breathing or different forms of vocalization; sneaking, hiding, moving silently or without being seen.

So these classes are very much about exploration. “Fitness” is a side effect. Movement is the means and the end. We are exploring what a human is, what a human has been in the past and might be in the future. We are also exploring our entire pre-human ancestry, as recorded in our body structures, sensory systems and movement patterns. So in a single class we might practice everything from subtle movements to explore all of the hidden joints and muscles of the feet, to brachiating like gibbons on the monkey bars, to all-out sumo wrestling.

For enquiries please email, or call/text 0431166737

Here is the link to our “Natural Movement Mullumbimby” Facebook group.