Spring retreats in Araluen are coming up soon. September 7-13, and September 16-22.

Camping together in the forest for a week by the river, movement sessions three times a day, practicing bush skills and crafts, sinking deep into the natural rhythms with no clocks, no phones, and no internets.

I’m super excited for our guest teachers again this time! Some things are still to be locked in but it looks like for week one we have my new friends Kiwi couple Anna and Alex from Free Range BJJ, who are absolutely lovely bringing a wholesome mix of wrestling games and breathwork sessions, and then for week two we have Sam Harris from Canberra who I’ve somehow never met before, who I’ve roped in to teach us stone tool making, tracking, and whatever else he feels like doing. So we can fulfill my dreams of our little primitive camp filled with happy people wrestling, breathing deeply, and tapping away at stones making arrow points and spear heads and little stone axes.

I will of course be teaching ancestral movement, animal body practices, daoist bodywork and meditations, natural parkour, wrestling games, ecological awareness practices and so on, and our amazing core crew will be facilitating other bushcraft activities, primitive ceramics, weaving, wood carving, hide tanning and leatherworking, etc. Harry might even get the primitive bush forge going again if we’re lucky and the bushfire risk is low.

The numbers for each camp will be strictly capped again at 35 adults (including the core crew) and a handful of kiddos.

Prices (including dinners, catered by Emily Bell in week one, caterer for week two TBC):

$1800 full price, $1600 concession
$1400 for returnees coming back for the 2nd or 3rd time

$1000 for regulars who have come to 3 or more camps before

We will have a very few half-price ($800) spaces available on each camp for volunteers who have come on at least one retreat before.

Deposits of $600 are required to save a spot, with the remainder due two months before the start date. As always, in case of cancellations, the deposits are saved as credit towards any future events within the next 12 months.

For more information or to book your spot, please email me at simon.thakur@gmail.com

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