Workshop: Ancestral Movement – Newcastle, March 7/8

Workshop: Ancestral Movement – Newcastle, March 7/8

A two day introduction to Ancestral Movement, exploring patterns of anatomy and movement retained in our lineage over four billion years, which are the foundation of all human movement and which connect us intimately with the rest of our living family on the planet.

– Evolutionary anatomy and movement: developing the “animal body”, health implications for modern life.
– Neuroscience model of body awareness, movement, pain and injury rehabilitation.
– Soft body practice, developing sensitive muscular control, connection and fluidity through every part of the torso and the four limbs.
– Dragon spine, waking up awareness and smooth powerful movement through every spinal vertebra.
– Animal locomotion patterns innate in the structure of the human body.
– Alignment, misalignment, elasticity and joint health
– Breathing and Interoception: experiencing the subtler realities of the body.
– Attention, emotion and imagination in physical practice.
– Empathy and nonverbal communication, cultivation through mind-body practice.
– Worldwide traditions of biomimicry and different forms of ecological consciousness.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in working with the body, for health, rehabilitation, personal interest, athletic or artistic performance, for coaches and trainers, teachers of somatic or mind-body disciplines of all sorts, or anyone interested in connecting more deeply to the living world through physical practice. Many of the practices will be physically demanding (many will be very gentle) but all can be scaled according to individual’s needs.

Simon Thakur has more than 20 years experience as a movement teacher, therapist, meditator and researcher of mind-body traditions from around the world. He has lived for 10 years in Asia studying yoga, bodywork, meditation, Chinese medicine and martial arts in their native contexts and languages, has extensive experience in western physical training modalities including Pilates, Feldenkrais method and exercise rehabilitation, a bachelor’s degree in medical science and rehabilitation and postgraduate qualifications in ecology and evolutionary biology. His teaching methods are science-based, while still retaining a profound appreciation and celebration of traditional practices.

COST: $480 full, $360 concession.
CONCESSIONS PLACES: are available to everyone who needs them, further concessions and payment plans are always available upon request. Anyone who is strongly motivated to learn this work but is unable to afford the standard concession rate is very welcome and encouraged to get in touch.

HALF PRICE: People who have attended one or more Ancestral Movement workshops or retreats in the last two years who wish to go deeper into the work are especially welcome and are invited to pay half price ($240) and to contact Simon directly.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact

(event cover art by Andrey Atuchin)

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