Autumn Retreat March 2021

Ancestral Movement Retreat is finally returning, March 14-20th, 2021

Camping for a week together in the forest in Araluen Valley, next to the beautiful Deua River amongst the casuarinas and goannas, wombats and kangaroos. Movement practice two or three times a day, ongoing bushcraft and wilderness skills workshops, meditation and awareness practices, cooking and eating together in the camp kitchen, exploring the bush, turning off the phones and the clocks, slowing right down and taking time for genuine deep rest.

Training on the bush jungle gym, natural parkour, wrestling, capoeira, Chinese internal martial arts, Filipino stick fighting, strength training with rocks, fighting monkey games and a huge range of practices to rehabilitate injuries and make every part of the body feel good.

Deep explorations of the ancient patterns of anatomy and movement hidden in our bodies in plain sight, buried in the deep structures of the spine and the body’s central axis, in the connections to the four limbs and our bodies’ innate abilities to move through different environments: movements and behaviours we have in common with amoebas, worms, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, primates, plants, fungi, and bacteria – movements which help us feel the depths of our shared ancestry and intimate connection with all things that have ever lived on the earth.

Daily bushcraft sessions practicing fire-by-friction, basic knife safety and wood carving, learning edible and medicinal plants in the area, harvesting plants for fibre or making paints or dyes, making cordage or basket weaving techniques, working with hides or pelts, animal tracking, bird language, learning to craft and throw sticks or spears, or archery.

Breathing, meditation, contemplation, awareness exercises and mind-body practices from various traditions, with discussions of the fundamental methods, neuroscience, physiology and philosophy which unite all of them. All with the purpose of finding greater peace, energy, health, and reconnection of the sense of self with the rest of the living world.

Basically this retreat is an excuse to spend some quality time in the beautiful Aussie bush with a group of excellent humans, learn some amazing skills from world-class teachers, recover a bit from the hectic pace of life outside and return refreshed, reconnected and inspired.

The cost is $1200 full, or $900 concession. Some partial volunteer places are always available for those on low incomes who are genuinely passionate about learning.

Please contact with any questions or to book a spot