Ancestral Movement – Outdoor Training Workshop, Melbourne March 11-12

Ancestral Movement – Outdoor Training Workshop, Melbourne March 11-12

A two day, outdoor workshop exploring aspects of natural human movement in different environments.

Things we will focus on in this workshop:


Simple but challenging exercises which direct movement, effort and attention into all of the deepest hidden areas of the body. Every part of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, the pelvis, all of the ribs and every part of the spine are strengthened and mobilized in every direction, from every angle, affecting all of the body tissues from the skin through the muscles, connective tissues, blood vessels and lymphatic system, the nerves, organs, and bones. We will briefly cover the fundamentals of modern pain science, the practical neuroscience of body awareness, and their applications to chronic pain conditions, injury rehabilitation and all forms of physical training.


The ability to smoothly and easily get up and down from the ground in as many ways as possible, and to move smoothly and easily from any position to any other position (supine, prone, sitting, kneeling, all fours, squatting, standing) in any direction.


Rolling, reaching, crawling, stepping, bouncing, jumping, falling, cartwheels, balancing, hanging, swinging, climbing, etc. Various kinds of animal crawls and locomotor patterns (pacing, trotting, galloping, bounding etc.)


Using trees, rails, fences, steps, and playground equipment to practice fundamental movements, locomotor patterns and games, and including simple but intensely effective strength training, accessible to anyone of any fitness level, using the natural movement patterns of primates and other animals on the jungle gym (balancing, “cat balance”, “sloth hanging”, “koala climbing”, “gibbon swings” and more).


Moving with or around another person, with varying levels of distance, contact, speed, cooperation and resistance. Sensitivity drills, pressure drills, games for stimulating creativity, agility and problem-solving, and wrestling.


Simon has over two decades of experience across a broad range of disciplines, from Chinese medicine and Western physical therapy, massage and bodywork, exercise rehab, Yoga, Qigong, Pilates and the Feldenkrais method, Capoeira, Japanese and Chinese martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu, as well as an academic background in biology, anatomy and physiology, medical science, exercise science, neuroscience, and anthropology.


This workshop is open to people of all fitness levels and will be suitable for movement enthusiasts of all sorts, trainers and therapists, dancers, actors, martial artists, meditators, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, parents, environmental educators or others working in the field of “nature connection”.


To keep this work accessible to people of all backgrounds and income levels, participation will be BY DONATION, with the suggested payment of $200 per day. Those on lower incomes such as students, etc, are still very welcome and are invited to come and to feel good about paying whatever amount they are able.

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For any other questions, contact or 0431 166 737

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