Retreat is happening again! Summer, Saturday January 28 through to the following Sunday February 4th. Everyone is welcome to come for whichever days they are able, for at least two nights (sorry, no single-day visits! Too much coming and going disrupts the flow with all of the hellos and goodbyes).

As usual there will be no fixed program or schedule but over the nine days we’ll get up to all sorts of things:

Many kinds of movement practice: jungle gym training, parkour basics, dance and acrobatics, contact improvisation, capoeira, wrestling, many kinds of martial arts, deep explorations of the anatomy and the many physical skills which come from it, animal mimicry, natural strength training and rehabilitative exercise.

Meditation or sensory awareness practices: from Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, European and various Indigenous traditions and modern methods, and –

Things from the broad field of “bushcraft”, “primitive skills”, “rewilding” and “nature connection”: things like basketry, making fire with friction, flint knapping, rope making, pottery, hide tanning and leatherworking, learning edible and medicinal plants and plant identification generally, bird language, animal tracking and stalking, natural camouflage, traditional cooking methods, spear throwing, and archery.

A good amount of chilling out! Cooking around the fire, exploring the beautiful bush, swimming in the river, soaking in the fire bath, reading books from the retreat library, hanging out and having the time for long in depth conversations with wonderful interesting people. Everyone is invited to share their skills and knowledge, and to teach things that they may have only just learned, so we have a strong culture of sharing and mentoring and constant “mini-workshops” happening spontaneously each day.

The cost is $150 per day, with concessions and payment plans available for anyone who requires them – it is important to us that these retreats stay accessible to all kinds of people, so if it feels like the price is outside your range but you would still really love to come, please get in touch.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, send me an email at or call or text (I’m out of range a lot of the time these days) to 0431 166 737.

Check the RETREATS AND WORKSHOPS page for more information and contact details, the PHOTOS page, for photos, or check out the Facebook event HERE

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