SERPENT SPINE: Saturday December 16th in Mullumbimby

SERPENT SPINE: Saturday December 16th in Mullumbimby

I’m going to be running another Serpent Spine session on Saturday December 16th

In this workshop we will explore movement practices to gain full, detailed awareness of the entire spine.

Waking up the entire centre of the body, releasing chronic parasitic tension, inducing conscious movement and feeling between every spinal vertebra, every articulation of the ribcage, the hidden internal muscles of the abdomen, the neck, skull, pelvic floor, shoulders and hips.

Discovering the ancient and powerful movements of these areas which we have in common with all other creatures that posses a spine, a skull, a ribcage, an abdomen, or a digestive tube, which connect us to all of the environments that our ancestors have moved through over the eons, and which are the foundation of all human movement.

Learning to calm and smooth out the movements of the breath and direct them consciously through every part of the deepest central axis of the body, opening up the very centre of our being to our conscious awareness to gradually reveal the vast inner world of pulsating interactions between the mind, the body and the outside world, rippling up and down the centreline in every moment.

The workshop is open to anyone who wants to move their body more and feel it more deeply. No special prior experience is necessary. The practices are particularly relevant for dancers, yogis, meditators, athletes, therapists, performers, and lovers of nature.

The practices are safe and progressive, exceptionally useful for relief and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic pain, for learning to alter our posture and become more expressive with our entire bodies, for opening up the abdomen, ribcage and breathing capacity, massaging the diaphragm and internal organs, for whole-body strength, coordination, and for improving all forms of athletic movement.

They are also indescribably valuable for meditation practitioners working towards an ever-more detailed awareness of the intricate psycho-physical interactions taking place along the body’s central axis – AKA the “subtle body” of the Yogic and other similar traditions.

Cost: $200 INCLUDES ONE MONTH UNLIMITED CLASSES with Ancestral Movement Mullumbimby

Returnee: $100 (for past attendees, participants of previous Ancestral Movement retreats, and people attending local classes in Mullumbimby)

Regular: $50 (for those who have attended multiple workshops or retreats previously, or who have attended once before but are also attending local classes in Mullumbimby)

Spaces are always available by request for those on low incomes or currently experiencing financial hardship.

For more information or to book your space, please email

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