Venus Bay Immersion, Victoria, February 22-25 2024.

Venus Bay Immersion, Victoria, February 22-25 2024.

A three-day residential immersion in Ancestral Movement, exploring ancient patterns of movement and awareness innate in the human body, patterns which form the basis of all movement and consciousness, and reveal our deep embodied connections to the rest of our living family on the Earth.

Some of the movement practices and concepts we will explore:

Developing Sensitivity – embodied listening and becoming a good human training partner

Liquid Body and the Inner Worm – waves of contraction and relaxation through the deepest areas of the abdomen, ribcage, throat and pelvic floor.

Serpent Spine – precise control of every spinal segment from the tail to the head, developing powerful undulations in three-dimensional space.

Outer and Inner – learning to distinguish sensations of deep internal muscles, organs and blood flow coming from the insides of the body

Central Axis Breathing – directing the breath into every part of the central axis to release deep held tension and explore the subtleties of body-mind connection.

Quadrupedal Movement – linking spinal undulations with the four limbs to explore the movement patterns of various ancestral animals.

Monkey Body – exploring elasticity, agility, balance, reflexes, movement intelligence.

Interacting with obstacles and different terrains – Jungle Gym and Natural Parkour

Entering Deep Time – Nature Connection through movement practice.

We will also explore some of the relevant science of mind-body practice:

The basic neuroscience of embodiment which links movement, posture, gesture, breathing and body awareness with attention, emotion, memory and imagination
Interactions between the mind brain and other body systems, and iImplications for health.

Nonverbal communication and empathy, interspecies and ecological empathy

Cultivation of imagination and emotion as a fundamental part of physical practice

Correspondence and overlap with many traditional methods of mind-body transformation and awareness-expanding nature connection practices from cultures around the world, including the higher levels of meditative practice associated with the “subtle body” of the Yogic, Daoist, Buddhist, and Tantric traditions.

Joining embodied practice with ecological awareness to bring about a profound, radical transformation of the sense of the body, the self, and the experience of the entire living world.

This is a movement workshop, open to anyone who is interested in moving and feeling their body more. The practices are extremely physical and range from extreme softness and sensitivity to very demanding and athletic, but all can be safely scaled according to individual needs and abilities.

The immersion will be fully catered, and will take place at the “Raven’s Nest” centre in Venus Bay, Victoria. A 14 acre, waterfront, forested sanctuary 2hrs from Melbourne. With camping areas, walking tracks and national park access, fire pit, jacuzzi, decks and indoor spaces.


$950 full

$850 for those who have attended a 1 or 2 day Ancestral Movement workshop before

$750 for those who have attended multiple workshops before, or a full Ancestral Movement retreat in Araluen.

Spaces will be strictly limited. For more information, or to book a space, please contact

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